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What Our Customers Have Said… "The impact on attendance that EDLounge has had is that been able to support an increase in 2.7 per cent increase in the first term of this academic year (2015) because students are engaged on an alternative provision whilst excluded. This often has no...

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Grammar schools: do they work?

There has been a lot of fuss about grammar schools recently since Prime Minister Theresa May stated her intention to lift the ban on the creation of new grammars. This has led to many bitter arguments as to whether grammar schools work, with opponents on both sides of the argument stating vastly ...

Could Online Learning Ever Replace Schools?

Recently, legislation was put forward in New Zealand that allows for school-ages children to take part in online learning courses, potentially reducing (or even eliminating) the amount of time spent in a physical school environment. Since the motion was put forward, there has been heavy debate ab...

Zzzzzzzz: Tired students, worn out grades

For any teacher who’s standing in front of a classroom of weekend weary students come Monday morning, the impact of tiredness on learning doesn’t need to be explained at length. Yet despite lack of sleep being just about the most well understood of all lifestyle habits to affect learning,...

Strategies to Deliver School Improvement

Strategic planning in schools has evolved in recent years, transforming itself from a one-year model to a cyclical one that promised long term changes. As the environment around your school changes, so too must the way your school functions, and this is where the strategies come in. The post Stra...

5 Simple Ways to Manage Coursework

Coursework can be one of the most stressful parts of your education. You have a strict deadline, and a lot of work to do within that period of time. As a result, many students end up feeling stressed and overwhelmed by the workload. Feeling overwhelmed often leads to procrastination and a lack of...